About us

Book a Space website was created in order to provide a solution to the growing demand of freelancers, large and small businesses for work & leisure spaces, suitable for various needs.

Book a Space is a platform that connects property owners with companies or freelancers who are interested in meeting spaces. 

Whether for a meeting, job interview, business event, reception, seminar or any other business activity - Book a Space is a database full of options for spaces of all sizes, for all uses in as many locations as possible. 

Our vision is to enable any company or independent to hold work meetings and host colleagues in a dignified and pleasant space tailored to the needs of the meeting.

We know that the most important thing for any business, big or small, corporation or company of one person, is the flexibility and ability to respond quickly. 

We enable this flexibility by making different spaces accessible, tailored to the specific needs of the business.

In doing so, our pool of spaces directly connects the property owner and the business owner. 

We help property owners reach out to potential customers after we have performed a quality assessment and screening of the offered properties.

We believe that a suitable space can stimulate creativity and new ideas. It is part of our philosophy that advocates a fertile and pleasant environment that produces open-mindedness.